Hilary Duff says her new record has a lot of dance, but is heartfelt

Hilary Duff Says New Album Is Dancey, "Sparks" Remix Emerges

Hilary Duff’s already energetic pop song titled “Sparks” gets a prompt remix treatment from JØRG.

What else would you expect when the Duff teams up with Tove Lo, Bloodshy and Peter Thomas for a song besides sheer perfection? Exactly. And it was only a matter of time til this. sick. beat got a re-working. Remixer JØRG added all the best elements of a club banger to the infectious track, replacing the whistle with more beats per minute and pitchy synths. All that’s missing is the fog and laser lights.

Take a listen:

This remix features a vibe that finds a comfy home in the nightlife scene far away from the theme of Duff’s upcoming record.

“The album is a range of stuff,” Hilary told MTV News this week about her new tunes. “I would say definitely in the beginning when I started writing, it was pretty heavy, coming out of my past year of — life. It’s changed since then, which is good because I think that the overall theme too — me, personally, I’m not this super heavy girl. You know? I’m one for the sunshine, so it’s shifted a lot and it feels a lot better to me.”

“There’s a lot of dance — but it is heartfelt,” Hilary said. “A lot of the songs are about love, a lot of them around about loss, one of them is about Luca. It’s just more easy. It’s not super heavy material. I’m excited for people to hear it. I’m excited about the place we got it to.”

No word when the album will drop, but hopefully sooner than later!