I wish that I could be like I was before.

I wish that I could be like I was before.

Did I secretly hope Hilary Duff had been quietly working on a Breathe In. Breathe Out. followup? Most definitely, but the pop star actress demolished any ounce of faith I had in that.

In a new sit-down interview on A Spoonful Of Paolo with Paolo Presta to promote Younger, Duff was asked what song from her own catalogue she would sing to one of the characters. Presto mentions “Lies” from BI.BO., which she agrees.

Then the Duffster racks her brain to think of a song title.

“’Lies is a good one, and then I was thinking of one of the ones from my new record which was um…”

Wait, a new new record coming out?

“No. I wish,” she says. ARGH!

Hilary probably confused “Lies” with a song she recently recorded for Younger named “Little Lies.” It doesn’t matter… she has no new music in store for us and that makes me quite sad.

Watch the interview below:

I was riding high and now I’m feeling so low.

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