Teen star Hilary Duff is at it again. Back in August, the 17-year old pop star took a swipe at both Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson dubbing the two twenty-something starlets as “immature.” She reportedly added at the time that Britney and Jessica’s acts were ‘too raunchy.’ Now Hil is back with more shots at the two blonde bombshells.Hilary thinks already-married young stars like Britney and Jessica Simpson are “crazy for tying the knot,” according to a report in Sunday’s UK Mail.

“I really don’t know what it’s about, whether it’s wanting a ring on your finger or just getting in the press. “I’m definitely not planning on anything like that any time soon. And if I did, I would not make a huge thing about it, sing about it. “It’s something sacred and private. It’s just awful when people make a big thing of it and get lots of press and do it all in public. It’s awful – Joel feels the same way, too.”

She adds – “I don’t see Jessica as a role model, I don’t look up to her but I think she is cool.” Cool, raunchy and immature. The trifecta. Looks like Hil is diggin for a little press of her own.

Credit: BritneyGlamour

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