Hilary Duff explains her departure from music.


Hilary Duff says she doesn’t have the time or energy it takes to top the charts.

Duff’s return to music last year was bright, but brief. Her latest album Breathe In. Breathe Out. was a pop gem and deserved a proper rollout, but after a couple of cancelled performances and a fan-demanded music video for “Sparks,” it was clear Duff wanted nothing to do with music despite her seven-year hiatus. In a new interview, Duff explains she can’t juggle motherhood, acting and music because of how aggressive the industry is and, while we appreciate her honesty… the truth hurts.

“As a parent you learn about balance,” she said. “Someone asked me about, ‘How do you sing and how do you act?’ Before I had a child I could do all those things and give it my everything. I was peddle to the metal, sleep when I die and now my son takes priority over everything. I’m not going to be on a world tour and be the top of the charts because I don’t have the time to put in and that’s not what’s important to me.”

There it is folks.

“Acting is something that’s always in the forefront… and then music is the other thing that I do that I love. And then obviously being a mother is the number one.”

These are the times we wish Isabella Parigi from the The Lizzie McGuire Movie would step in. Perhaps Hilary could connect with Britney Spears, Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez who are successful pop stars and moms to young kids? Watch below:

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How do we balance it all? Hilary Duff answers the question we all ask ourselves.

Posted by Younger on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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