The chances are one in a million.

The chances are one in a million.

UPDATE // JUNE 6, 2018:


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Hilary Duff draws a line in the sand: she is not releasing new music any time soon, and there aren’t any plans to do so now, in the near, OR distant future. Hey, at least she’s consistent (read the original story below afterward).

In a new interview to promote her TV Land show, Younger, Hil was asked whether she had plans to put forth new music.

“Not outside the show right now,” Hil says. “So sad. The show keeps me so busy. When am I going to tour? How am I going to make a record?”

Ask JLo, sis.

Her co-star who says, “Remember you sing, remember that?” is all of us. I’m done having hope.


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EARLIER // JULY 10, 2017:

In case Hilary Duff hasn’t made it abundantly clear she’s not releasing new music this year, the actress is doubling down. She and her Younger co-star, Sutton Foster, played a game of Giant Jenga on Buzzfeed and answered questions printed on the blocks. New music inquiries are Hilary’s Kryptonite, but, like Superman, manages to always come face-to-face with them.


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Does the Duff have plans to work on a Breathe In. Breathe Out. followup? “No! I don’t. I don’t have any plans for new music or tour this year,” she said.

Don’t lose all hope! She followed up with this: “But there’s always next year.”

See you on your arena tour in 2018, Hilary! Check out the moment unfold below:


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