Hilary Duff Is Going Back Into The Studio

January 12, 2015 By Aaron

Hilary Duff Is Going Back In The Studio

Hilary Duff is one of many female artists who didn’t have the comeback we expected last year, but the “All About You” singer isn’t giving up.

Part-time popstar Hilary Duff has decided that despite a disappointing reception to her long-awaited comeback last year, she’s gonna stay on her grind and try and whack out something people might actually listen to in 2015.

Speaking exclusively to TheTVPage over the weekend, the former Disney kid spoke about how filming upcoming TV dramedy ‘Younger’ sat with her attempts to revive her musical career:

“Being on the show, I had to take a step back from music… But now that I am not working, I am getting back in the studio. I think I am going to go spend a week in Sweden working [on new songs].”

Naturally this is amazing news on a number of levels. Firstly, any new Duff music is a good thing in my books – I didn’t hate “Chasing The Sun” or “All About You,” but I’d be lying if I said the idea of them not representing the Lizzie McGuire star’s best work wasn’t a slight relief. Secondly, Sweden. SWEDEN PEOPLE. We all know that Sweden, which has given us Max Martin (!), Bloodshy & Avant (!!) and Robyn (!!!), is the home of amazing pop music – a Pop Mecca if you will – so God speed Hilary as you make your pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Get to it girl, aim for Swedish new-girl Tove Lo meets “Heartbeat Song” (nope, haven’t stopped playing it yet) and it’ll all be fine.

Excited about new Hilary or is she “So Yesterday”?