Hilary Duff talks about Britney in her latest interview with Blender magazine.

Blender: How close have you come to shaving off your extensions or puking on your entourage?
HD: There are days where I don’t feel like showing up, but I don’t get all freaked out. I do get so tired and overwhelmed that I cry, and it’s a good feeling. Like, phew, you got it out and you’re ready to go again.

Blender: How do you feel about what Lindsay and Britney are going through?
HD: I don’t really know them. I don’t want to say I feel sorry for them, because I don’t. I mean, I feel sorry that they have to deal with so many people wanting to focus on their flaws and hard times. But that’s this business. If I were put in those kind of circumstances, I don’t know how I’d handle it.

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