Hilary Duff Chasing Her Dreams At Single Release Party

July 25, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Hilary Duff Chasing Her Dreams At Single Release Party

Hilary Duff’s remained M.I.A. from the music scene for seven years, but she’s back and it’s safe to say: better then ever.

Hilary stopped by Marquee nightclub in NYC to celebrate the release of her new single, “Chasing The Sun,” which received a remix treatment by Dave Aude.

“It’s a really carefree, summer song and I guess I didn’t really know what people were expecting from me,” Hilary told PopJustice about her new single. “This song is definitely a top-down, carefree, super catchy singalong song and so I guess we thought that would be a good move.”

As for not writing on the song? Hilary says there’s some great artists out there that can manage that better than she can.

“I’m not a snob, like ‘I have to write everything’. There are so many amazing writers out there and one of the best things about this record for me was that I did get to write as much as I wanted and work with other people as much as I wanted. Some of the best work comes from when you’re collaborating with people and then sometimes a song comes along and you hear it and you’re like ‘okay, I think that’s a smash, don’t give it away!’.There has to be a balance. Some of the biggest pop acts out there love to write, but a lot of their singles aren’t things they’ve written.”

Check out a video of Hilary celebrating at Marquee Thursday night to her new tune:

Single is officially out Tuesday.