Hilary Duff Broke Her iPhone So She Went On Ellen To Explain

October 10, 2016 By Jordan Miller

I guess Tinder is out.


I guess Tinder is out.

Being a fan of Hilary Duff is like riding a roller coaster that was made in the ’80s. Always nostalgic, always a good time, but there are a ton of ups and downs. She recently opened up about her recent recording sessions (Yay), but also admits that touring and promoting, basically everything outside of making a record, is too time consuming and not for her (Boo). Then there’s this new stint on Ellen, where she gabs about losing her iPhone which was found by a few fans and is now on the quest to find and thank them. Useless information (Boo), but you can’t help but love her (Yay).

Watch her chat with Ellen (who appears to be daydreaming about babies and dogs) about the recent debacle:

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