When it rains, it pours in Duffland.

Hilary Duff Becomes Unofficial Tinder Spokesperson For

You make my heart go …

Hilary Duff wasn’t lying when she said she was busy prepping for the release of her new album, and it looks like there’s quite a lot to enjoy before the LP drops in June. However, of all the big updates, the most important one is the premiere of her music video for “Sparks.” That’s right. On Thursday morning (May 14), Duff’s anticipated visual finally surfaced and it’s basically an insight into Duff’s recent exploration with the world of Tinder.

In the almost-four minute video, viewers catch behind-the-scenes glimpses of Duff talking to a radio DJ about the app, scenes of her uploading her photo to the app and finally going on a date courtesy of the app. Bottom line: There’s way too much of this app going on. Heads up to those that were complaining about the somewhat out of place dialogue during Britney Spears’ “Pretty Girls” video, this is far worse. Things would have flowed better had they muted some of the clips instead of overlapping the music with the footage. After all, it is a music video.

As an optimistic, I must admit that Duff does look great and I appreciate her efforts with the choreographed routine. Hilary filmed a performance of the number for the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” which is reportedly set to air on Friday.

Aside from the premiere of her new video, Duff really seems to be catering to her fans when it comes to her comeback. Just yesterday, she mailed balloons to some fans with a handwritten note as well as the album artwork for the just-unveiled title: Breathe In, Breathe Out.

Hilary Duff Breathe In Breathe Out album cover

Wondering why Duff was inspired by healthy breathing practices for the title of her new LP? Well, look no further than her Twitter account.

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