Hilary Duff & Ariana Grande Perform On The X Factor Australia

September 8, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Hilary Duff awkwardly slays while Ariana Grande just slays on The X Factor Australia.

Hilary Duff performed “All About You” on Australia’s The X Factor this weekend, and golf claps to her for attempting to sing live amidst the cowboy strutting choreography. In fact, standing ovation, Hilary. Love you *****.

Ariana Grande and her ponytail also performed on the same episode, singing “Problem,” “Bang Bang” and “Break Free” in just under 10 minutes. She gave a tiny interview afterwards, telling aspiring musicians:

Keep your family and your friends close. Keep your head on straight, and don’t listen to anything (unless it comes from your family).

Watch them here. Or, just watch just Hilary’s, that’s fine: