Everything’s very hush hush about Britney’s upcoming music video. All we know are the outfit sketches, Jonas Akerlund is the director and the video features lots of dancing. Well, choreographer Brian Friedman is opening the gap up just a little.

He Tweeted fans about rehearsals on Thursday, saying:


The breakdown of HIAM is in a category of it’s own… it put’s all others from the past exactly there… in the past 😉 ITS A NEW DAY *****!

Sorry folks… I won’t be uploading any pics or vids from rehearsal. Trust me, you want to be surprised! Nothing can be given away… shhh!!

Everythings now staged and choreographed 4 the video. 1 more day 2 rehearse it and then its time 2 shoot. I love this part! @britneyspears

The anticipation is killing us!

Image: x17online.com

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