Hey QT

UK producers SOPHIE and A. G. Cook weren’t satisfied with songs like “Shake It Off” or “Break Free” man-handling the pop scene, so they crafted a persona named QT and released this punky club banger appropriately titled “Hey QT.”

Oh, hey.

The song is energetic, fun to sing a lot to (yet impossible to re-create without the use of audio manipulation and/or helium) and leaves room for a plethora of collaborations and remixes.

That chick up top is simply a pretty placeholder clutching a make-believe drink (or “Energy Elixir”). They explain:

“So what, or who, is QT? She’s a sparkling future pop sensation – albeit one who is set to warp and stretch the notion of what a pop star actually is. It’s a drink, or more precisely a brand new Energy Elixir (‘where organic and synthetic meet to stimulate an uplifting club sensation’). And it’s a song, a moment – ‘Hey QT’ – which sees these two producers pushing their sound to its very extreme and creating a future anthem in the process.”

You wanna sip? Listen here: