On the official fanclub theres a thing called “Hey Britney” its simply where members email Britney little questions, and then she picks the best one and posts the reply on the fanclub…… Everytime a new one is posted i will put them up here
Here are the most 3 most recent:

Do you have any collections …things that you like to collect and what is your favorite color?!-Nichole

Hi Nichole, I love to collect fairy’s and my favorite color (this week) is baby blue! -Britney – 10/18/2004

I would like to know what was your favorite outfit in the Onyx Hotel and your favorite dance number in the show.

Love your # 1Fan,- Nathalie
P.S. I loved the Onyx Hotel and i went to see it in Miami,FL and I love the In The Zone record, it rocks!!!!

Hey Nathalie, Glad you love the album so much and got a chance to see the show in Miami. I would have to say my favorite outfit from the Onyx Hotel Tour was the green fairy dress I wore during “Everytime”, “Slave 4 U” and the “Hookup”. It was just so beautiful and flowy. I loved it. My favorite dance number from the Onyx Hotel Tour was “Toxic”.- Britney – 10/04/2004

I have all of your albums and they are all so good. So far, which album do you think has been your favorite. I really like your song “Toxic.” I can listen to it for 3 hrs straight and not get bored of it. You Rock!

I’m glad you like Toxic so much- that’s one of my favorites too! My favorite album is the “My Prerogative…Greatest Hits” that is coming out soon. You have to get it to see why!!-Britney – 9/23/2004

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