Christina Aguilera refuses to fall in line.

Christina Aguilera refuses to fall in line.

Check out a first-look at XXXTina in a new futuristic sci-fi drama titled Zoe.

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According to EW, Legend X “has a small role as a robotic prostitute named Jewels.” A.K.A. my real life.

Here’s a copy + paste quote from EW with a synopsis about this future Academy Award winner (no shade, serious).


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“[Zoe is] a forbidden love story between an android, Zoe (Léa Seydoux), and her divorced colleague, Cole (Ewan McGregor), at a high-tech research facility specializing in perfecting a computerized system that pairs humans with their ideal match — which also includes a pool of robotic life forms known as “synthetics.” All seems well until Zoe discovers a harsh truth about their relationship, driving a wedge between the central lovers as the titular character embarks on a journey of discovery as her pairing with Cole hangs in limbo.”


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Xtina is serving a lewk! Obviously, if I could buy front row seats to the opening day I would, but for now I’ll just have to use these new photos as my iPhone’s background wallpaper. Check them out below:



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Thoughts on Xtina embracing robo-prostitute-chic? Leave a comment below!

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