Here’s Why Justin Bieber Just Flipped Out In This Restaurant

November 7, 2015 By James Dinh

In case you were wondering why #JustinHatesHisFansParty is trending…

Here's Why Justin Bieber Just Flipped Out In This Restaurant

Bad day or bratty?

We’re less than a week away from Justin Bieber’s comeback album, Purpose, but his public demeanor seems to be just as much of a hot topic as his music. If you need a quick refresher, there was that recent storm off incident in Norway, and then the whole instructing his fans to clap on beat during an acoustic performance and now we have yet another incident to add to the list. On Saturday (November 7), a clip of the Biebster flipping over a restaurant chair in Cannes, France and exiting the establishment made the rounds, but here’s the backstory. reported that the singer “allegedly got angry when fans showed up while he was eating outside in Cannes, France, and stormed off to get away from his fans.” JB wasn’t dealing that interpretation of the incident, so he called out the infamous blogger on the Twitterverse. He also plugged Purpose because that’s what a media trained pop star does.

Beliebers went on to side with their fave and started to send him the best chair-flipping GIFs (with the accompanying #JustinHatesHisFansParty) to which he retweeted. TLDR: There’s nothing to see here, people. It’s just a 13-second of someone having a really bad reaction to some really bad news, or at least we think.

Watch the clip of Justin Bieber storming out of a restaurant below!

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