Here's What You Need To Know About Britney's Piece Of Me Costumes

Britney’s enjoyed several months off from her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas, but come August 15, homegirl is back in action and ready to slay the lives of thousands – and she’ll do so in STYLE!

Tisha Yates maintains Brit’s costumes, fixing, sewing and bejazzling her pieces for hours every day just so Brit Brit looks her best.

“Every day we spend at least six to eight hours re-stoning the costumes from the show before,” she says.

UM. Work *****.

Here’s what you need to know about Britney’s Piece of Me costumes (including the new ones!):

Britney Might Rock A Schoolgirl Outfit In Piece Of Me Show

“This is your signature Britney Spears costume,” says Yates. “A **** fabric with rhinestones. There are two versions she alternates between: a body suit and a crop top.”

Britney Might Rock A Schoolgirl Outfit In Piece Of Me Show

“This is a custom piece and one-of-a-kind,” Yates says. “It’s very hard to make, especially with the fading detail of the stones.”

  • Shoes: “She totally loves Skechers,” says Yates. “They are more comfortable, so we will add little touches, like neon and rhinestones. I run up to Miracle Mile Shops and get her pairs all the time.”
  • Backstage changes: “She has a lot of changes. My number one go-to is have heavy duty needles already threaded in case of a zipper break. I have that on hand and I will just sew her into it. If we have 30 seconds of change time, that is good for her because it’s often less. As far as dressing her, we have so much fun in that quick change.”
  • The striped “Circus” corset costume: “That’s the only one that made it through from the beginning all the way to the end and nothing happened in between,” Marco says.
  • Britney loves to design: “She is a great designer herself and has a lot of say in what she wears,” says Yates. “She is almost a designer of her own costumes, and then I just make that happen. She will suggest a corset instead of a bra top, I’ll go grab some choices from the mall, we rhinestone them up and then it’s ready for that night.”
  • Yates is currently working on a new costume with red crystals that plays up under red lights. “It started as a top by bebe, a brand which fits her great,” she says. “We cut it and we rearrange it and then I make a legging and suddenly it’s a catsuit.”
  • They’re making a “…Baby One More Time” outfit: “You might see it in the future.”

  • Britney returns August 15.