When divas unite.


When divas unite.

Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande are embroiled in a fan-driven feud since the pint-sized pop star debuted her 2013 record Yours Truly. A handful of the singer’s biggest anthems are reminiscent of Mariah’s iconic breathy vocal range, including “Right There” and “Love Me Harder” off 2014’s My Everything. Carey has never denounced Ari, but it’s probably because she doesn’t know her.

Remixer Raheem D is helping the ladies bury the hatchet with a slick mashup titled “Loverboy Baby.” It features Ariana Grande’s single “Baby I” from Yours Truly and Mariah Carey’s “Loverboy” from Glitter.

The creator explains: “I’ve had this mashup sitting in the vault since my last Ariana x Mariah mashups but it wsn’t until the ‘Baby I’ studio acapella leaked that I decided to properly finish and release it. I believe this idea was suggested to me on my ‘The Way It’s Like That’ video and I realised just how well the songs suited each other. I hadn’t heard ‘Loverboy’ before and I’ll be honest it’s definitely not one of my favourite Mariah tracks, but I love the instrumental and I really think Ariana adds some flavour to it.”

Give it a listen below:

Sounds delicious.

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