Get a glass of water.

Get a glass of water.

It’s safe to say Maluma is a bonafide super star. In the last year, the Colombian singer has made himself a household name around the globe, and his emergence into the US mainstream is undeniable. The 23-year-old takes another step towards world (and *****) ********** with a new record. It’s titled Felices Los 4 and above is the cover art for it (according to Sony Mexico).

We don’t know much about Maluma’s third studio album, but the Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy singer told ET earlier this month he hopes “that I can do it in Spanish and English,” he revealed. “That’s a really big step.”

“I feel really grateful, because I didn’t know that I had a lot of fans in the United States,” he admitted. “It’s just the beginning, but it feels really good knowing that people feel a connection with my music. It’s incredible.”

And he knows just how to please his fans. Here’s a steamy new video of him in the shower – probably the visual for a song he has dropping on Friday, April 21.

21 de 4bril ❌

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