Swedish singer Tove Styrke takes a stab at the classic.

Here's The

Oh babeh, babeh …

Let’s start off by recognizing the obvious. No one can ever touch Britney Spears’ debut smash “… Baby One More Time” like the pop titan. Her pre-hook coo-ing. That faded ad-lib at the beginning of the second verse. Deepney’s appearance during the bridge. Forever recognizable. At yet, we have to show some love when noteworthy covers make their way on to the blogosphere and today is that day.

On Thursday (July 23) Paper Mag premiered the buzzing Tove Styrke’s cover of the ’90s pop anthem, and it’s a drastic change from the version we know. Heavy in synth and a bit slower in tempo, the 22-year-old’s version strips away all the pop bubble magic and replaces it with an ambient, funkier vibe that Britney would probably consider artsy fartsy*~. Plus, she still keeps the three-note piano riff. Always keep the three-note piano riff.

Watch the video for Tove Styrke’s cover of “…Baby One More Time” below!

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