Here’s Azealia Banks’ “Chasing Time” Video

November 13, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Here's Azalea Banks' "Chasing Time" Video

Azealia Banks is flashy in black and white.

Banks’ new music video for “Chasing Time” is a visual pleaser. Though it doesn’t transcend time and space using Einstein’s theory of relativity, it does have some pretty shots of floating balls, her silver-painted derrière and dancing in garbage bags.

Am I chasing time? Cause I’m wasting all mine on you.

The song’s refreshing because it’s simple, underproduced beat doesn’t overshadow her vocals. She raps, she sings, she dances – it’s definitely going to slap Iggy in the face a bit. I hope.

Check out the first video off Banks’ new album, “Broke With Expensive Taste:”

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