No chill.

No chill.

Justin Bieber was just minding his business during a shopping trip in Beverly Hills, a city you’d probably want to avoid if you’re super famous and not wanting to be hassled by shutterbugs but whatevs, when a paparazzo walks up to him to ask an array of useless questions. Like if he would sing at Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration.

“Why do you guys ask such stupid questions?,” he says, before commenting that he’s just “trying to walk down the damn street.”

Things take a turn for the worse, and Bieber goes in.

“What’s wrong with your face? It’s just the way your face looks. There’s something wrong with it.”

The guy is like, ‘is it my eyes, my nose?’

Bieber says: “It’s nothing about your features. It’s just the insecurities in your face. Asking the dumb questions that you’re asking.”

Watch below if you’re in the mood for a guilty pleasure.

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