Here’s A Video For Kelly Clarkson’s Latest Release, “Heat”

“Medicine” next plz.


Kelly Clarkson released a fan video for Meaning Of Life single, “Heat.”



I’m aware the main headline is a bit misleading, but I needed you here.

Kelly dropped a video for her latest release, “Heat,” and though she only briefly appears in the clip, it’s pretty cute.

When it’s not KC acting like a goober, it shows her fans singing along. Sure, it’s probably the most low-budget thing she’s ever put forth, and it actually low-key cheapens the flawless song, but it’s a very sweet gesture and I can’t hate on that.



I’m going to need my fav to put forth a proper video though, and then get “Medicine” and “Would You Call That Love” as the next singles. Because a ballad? For winter? Groundbreaking.






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