Here’s A Newly-Constructed Ace Of Base / Britney Spears Collaboration Of “All That She Wants”

June 1, 2016 By Jordan Miller

All that she wants is another baby, she’s gone tomorrow.


All that she wants is another baby, she’s gone tomorrow.

In 2008, vocals of Britney Spears singing Ace Of Base’ 1992 hit “All That She Wants” surfaced. Her version was believed to have been recorded during the Original Doll era which produced “My Prerogative,” “Chaotic,” “Rebellion” and a slew of unreleased material left on the cutting room floor.

In a strange turn of events, an alternate version just surfaced.

The original song features Malin “Linn” Berggren’s vocals, but in this new clip featuring Britney, Linn’s sister Jenny Berggren, who eventually took over the lead after Linn departed from the group in 2007, can be heard singing. In 2009, Jenny also announced she was leaving the group to focus on a solo career, so the remaining members enlisted two new female vocalists, Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson, and released The Golden Ratio in September 2010. These series of events produced enough material (like this and this) for a crafty remixer to concoct a second version of Britney’s cover of the song. While it isn’t entirely new, it was cleverly constructed.

And if you’re completely lost, just click play:

Perhaps it was Britney behind this remake?

Feel it already… Gonna have a great day at my desk!

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