Here’s 100 Facts About Nick Jonas From Nick Jonas

February 12, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Here's 100 Facts About Nick Jonas From Nick Jonas

I don’t even know that many things about myself, but here’s one hundred facts about Nick Jonas.

Nick Jonas sat on a stool and listed 100 useless (is it?) facts about him every screaming girl and gay boy pondered via pink doodles in their Jonas Brothers spiral notebook.

Here are the Top 5 most important facts Nick Jonas relays in his 20-minute rant with MTV:

1. His most ticklish spot is his feet, “and other places… if you know what I mean.” Duh, your armpits.

2. If he had to switch his name to an emoji, he’d use the smiley with the line across its face.

3. If he had to switch lives with another Nick, it’d be Nicolas Cage. But we don’t understand why.

4. He found out Bill Clinton is a fan of his.

5. The most played artist on his iPod is Shania Twain. Possibly most played track is “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.”

Have 20 minutes to kill at work? Here you go: