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Film is scheduled to air on February 18.

Whether you like it or not, Lifetime’s plans to unleash a narrative on the life of Britney Spears is unfolding right before our eyes. Days after the network released the official trailer for the forthcoming biopic, several promotional shots from Britney Ever After surfaced onto the blogosphere, offering fans with insight into the film’s wardrobe, subplots and, ahem, overall budget.

In a few of the released photos, Natasha Bassett is seen channeling various “Britney” eras as she poses with a budget JT, rocks a budget VMA 07-esque top and performs on a budget stage to what looks like a crowd of 26 extras. Do you see the pattern here?

Let’s be honest. We all knew that the budget for this film wouldn’t be entirely large. After all, it is Lifetime, but it’s disappointing that filmmakers couldn’t nail some of Spears’ most iconic outfits of her early years, at least for these photos. Yes, they included some bedazzled jewels. Yes, there’s a minor glimpse of the late ’90s pop bubblegum explosion, but that’s where the similarities end, folks. If we’re going to look on the bright side, they were able to capture the pop titan’s image during her 2005 wedding to Kevin Federline.

Grab a bottle of vodka and prepare yourself because Britney Ever After hits the mini-screen on Saturday (February 18) at 8 PM ET. Maybe we can turn this whole fiasco into a drinking game?

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