A lot of hurtful stories and allegations about Britney are circulating the net, including BreatheHeavy, rehashing times we’re sure Britney probably wants to leave behind.

From me: it’s a tad difficult to be in this position because I find pride in posting any and all news about one of the biggest stars in the world. Unfortunately, sometimes that coverage is negative. It appears Britney’s taken control of her life again, only to have the times she wasn’t blown up. Not cool.

Below is one of the many new slides featured on the soon-to-be-released BreatheHeavy layout. It shows Britney gazing into the mirror at a note she wrote herself in lipstick months after her heavy year; I figured it’s good timing.

Britney’s lucky she has a lot of fans who want (blindingly or not) the best for her. Post a comment.


– Jordan

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