No holding back.

Mariah Carey spills the tea.

The elusive chanteuse likely has no idea her friend Beyonce was snubbed Album of the Year, because she didn’t tune in! The pop star gave a satellite interview to Chicago’s WGN TV and explained why this particular awards show is so off-putting to her.

“Do you really think I watch that show,” she laughs. “To quote my five-year-old son, ‘it’s bohing.’ It’s boring! After they foiled me back in the day… there was a year that I pretty much had a No. 1 song the entire year and then they nominated me for six…” Needless to say she didn’t win.

“I mean, people think I’m really mad about this, and I’m not mad about it, it’s just curious to me because now they kind of switched it.”

She explains back in the day, the Recording Academy wouldn’t award a popular song; they would opt for something more obscure, but she believes that has since flip-flopped.

Mimi also adds that they are “predictable.” Period.

Watch her handle it:

Drake, Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean and Kanye West skipped out on this year’s show because they feel it’s irrelevant and/or doesn’t represent young black artists. Really, Mimi is ahead of her time.

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