Best Dance Recording, indeed.

Slip under.

Remember that one time Heather Morris’ character Brittany S. Pierce played “Britney Spears” on Glee, and it delighted the pop star so much she wanted in on the episode? Same. Remember when Glee filmed a followup special that detailed Britney’s darker days, and it turned the pop star off so hard she wanted nothing to do with it? Same.

It all lead to this: Morris dancing to “Toxic” in a ****, sequined ensemble on Monday’s Dancing With The Stars.

“I’m here to show my fans — and the rest of the world — more about who Heather really is and, to me, this seems like a step back in time,” Morris said via People.

Fun fact: “Toxic” won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording.

Watch Heather’s performance above. Or not.

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