Heather Brave pulls the trigger on her dreamy new song, “Feel You Watching.”

Heather Brave pulls the trigger on her dreamy new song, “Feel You Watching.”

The up-and-coming singer-songwriter is one to watch (heh). Her new tune, “Feel You Watching,” premieres on BreatheHeavy.com today (Feb. 1).

On it, Brave sings about the ups and downs leading up to a very real conversation about taking a new romantic relationship to the next level. Terrifying.

“I wrote ‘Feel You Watching’ in Nashville during a hot and sticky September day with my producer,” Brave tells BH of the song’s creation process. “I was feeling so confident about and symbiotic with what we were writing. I was also reflecting because I was feeling frustrated about a relationship with someone that felt like an endless maze. We weren’t ‘together’ but we had a tension between us that bounced between feeling like we were getting closer to a decision to try to make it work or just getting further and further way.”

She adds: “The day my producer and I wrote “Feel You Watching,” the lyrics were focused on this pendulum of a relationship with me just urging us to go for it. I always felt his presence, like I could feel him watching me from far away (we didn’t live in the same city). Eventually, we sculpted the lyrics more to be about this eerie feeling of being watched because I always felt that uncertainty and presence with this guy who was miles and miles away.”

♬ “Out in the darkness I see your silhouette / Those eyes I’m playing under when it gets quiet I know I’m not alone,” Brave sings over a thunderous piano melody and brooding synths. “I’ll let you watch and wonder / I walk alone at night without a soul in sight.”

What does Brave want people to take away from the track? “Sometimes it’s hard to be the one who speaks up in a relationship but I know if you have something to say you have to say it. Don’t dwell or hesitate. Honesty feels so good.”

Watch the lyric video for “Feel You Watching” below:

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