A hearing regarding the restraining orders against Sam Lutfi and attorney Jon Eardley was held today at a Los Angeles court.

Judge Aviva Bobb listened to the closing arguments to decide whether the restraining orders should be permanently extended, according to OKmagazine.com.

“Bobb told the open court that she will render her verdict by the end of the day. The bottom line argument, according to Lutfi’s lawyer Bryan Freedman is that Britney, herself ‘did not suffer substantial emotional damage’ as a result of Lutfi’s phone attempts to contact her.

“I will most definitely appeal any permanent order,” Freedman told OK!. Britney did not testify. No doctor or medical professional testified that she suffered enough to warrant a restraining order”

Britney’s lawyer, Joel Boxer countered, saying: “There’s much truth to the old adage that silence speaks volumes.” In other words, neither Lutfi nor Eardley “bothered to show up in court to testify in their defense.”

Boxer claimed Lutfi and Eardley are “predators who patently threatened and extorted her through emails,” as stated in court last week.

Lutfi signed an agreement last July to keep his distance from Britney, though assisted in giving Britney a cell phone through Lutfi’s sister, who secretly met up with Britney at the Peninsula Hotel earlier this year.

“Another court date in May is scheduled to decide who should pay whose lawyer fees for this whole thing.”

Bobb’s final decision has not yet been reached.

Image: x17online.com

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