HDD Report: “Blackout” #1 @ 28.42% With 84,919 Units

November 5, 2007 By Jordan Miller

HitsDailyDouble.com is reporting Britney’s “Blackout” at #1 this week in album sales. With only 28.42% of total sales calculated, Britney has soared to the number one spot selling 84,919 albums. THIS IS NOT TOTAL SALES. Numbers are still being worked out, but she’s currently at the top with less than a third of sales accounted for, and is predicted to sell from 300-350 thousand copies.

Remember, this is just 28.42% of sales!

Don’t break out the champagne bottles yet! We shall begin the real celebration when Billboard.com reports it as an official number one. For now, we can indulge on this sneak peak at what’s to come!

UPDATE: NOW IN: 45.27% with 118,481 units sold. Still at number one.