After all this time, we’re still into her.

Paramore front-woman, Hayley Williams, is taking a break from the band to release solo music (no, they’re not breaking up).

Last month, Williams blacked-out her social media and posted a cryptic note about the forthcoming era. “I’m putting out some new music next year,” she wrote. “With the help of some of my closest friends, I made something I’m going to call my own.” The note also said we’d get a “really special project” in January. Here we are…!

Posters of Williams started popping up around New York City with the words “Petals For” Armor splashed across the top, presumably the name of her new single. It also featured a domain name of the same name. It wasn’t long before Williams came clean on social media.

Williams posted a 5-second teaser of her breathing heavy (winky wink) and a scene of a haunted forest.

“Petals for Armor” arrives January 22.

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