Enough is enough.

Hating Iggy Azalea Is The Internet's Latest Pastime

Hating Iggy Azalea is apparently the “cool” thing to do, but is it?

Just as quickly as Iggy Azalea rose to super-stardom in-part thanks to her “Fancy” collaboration rising to No. 1 on the charts, her descent was equally catastrophic. In the matter of just several short years, Azalea went from rap’s newest sensation to the Internet’s punching bag. Is it because she raps with an accent that’s deemed inauthentic? Because she’s a woman? Because she’s white? Or is it because famous people are adored and loved until we deem it’s time for their untimely demise (Celebuzz even made a bizarrely detailed recount of her rise and fall).

We admit, re-posting clips of Iggy Azalea blabbering incoherent rap nonsense seemed funny, even the occasional YOU / ME captioned memes with Britney Spears gave us a good chuckle, but targeting Azalea is the laziest and most efficient form of self medicating via the world wide web, and it’s exhausting to witness. Azalea gave her best attempt to fend off unsolicited threats by Tweet, but after all she’s only human (aside from “Pretty Girls”) and can only take so much. No matter which way her PR representatives want to spin a second tour cancellation followed by axing her Pride performance in Pittsburgh this weekend (cue Nick Jonas), the barrage of hate pressured Azalea to almost entirely remove her presence from social media and announce a break that’s already set the tone: our former number one female rapper should never garner the “success” she once enjoyed.

So began her latest Tweeting spree, though these are the most notable:

We certainly feel for the 25-year-old, but it’s worth noting Iggy’s self-sabotage started, where else? Online. Her homophobic Tweets, the head-scratching quote about race (“Or maybe if you’re black, start singing like a country singer and be a white person”), the beef with Papa John’s (a delivery guy gave out her number thus violating her privacy), the multiple Tweeting rants, it all stems from the source: Iggy. Because Iggy’s remarks live on forever, we’ve continually punished her seemingly to the point of no return, even after we’re asked for forgiveness.

Iggy now faces an uphill battle to win back her adorers, and if she’s smart about it will take her own advice:

“I just can’t worry ’bout no haters, gotta stay on my grind.”