Harvey Levin on TMZ Live says he’s heard directly from people that know Britney that if she could, she’d hang up her popstar towel to be a hair dresser in Kentwood.

“I have been told, and these are people that know her very very well, that she’s actually talked bout being a hair dresser at a beauty salon in Kentwood. She talks about it!”

“Of all the people in L.A., of all the celebs, stars, music people… she’s the most unaffected in the sense that she’s still the Fanta girl… she’s just a down home country girl. I believe, based off the stuff I hear, she’s going to move back to Kentwood.”

“You can have all the money and fame in the world, but if you’re stuck all the time…”

What do YOU think? Could you let Britney go to pursue her other dream and leave the spotlight, or is she too far down the rabbit hole of fame to ever be able to leave it?

Starts around the 28-minute mark:

Image: FameFlynet

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