…and Sting?

First Zayn, now Harry.

Harry Styles’ solo career has been spoken about ever since the curly-headed teenager won the UK over on The X Factor all those years ago, consistently portrayed as One Direction’s superstar, and it’s finally about to happen.

Australian radio host Angus O’Loughlin tweeted saying the singer’s solo debut will be “out soon” and claimed it’ll be “the highest selling album of 2017.”

Given 1D’s dedicated fanbase and the fact he signed a 3-album solo deal with Columbia Records last summer, neither of these tidbits would come as a huge surprise.

Although, O’Loughlin has also warned fans to “Prepare for this to be a mix between Sting and Frank Ocean.” What exactly does that sound like?

A Sting reference isn’t too wild to imagine seeing as the 23-year-old has been pegged as the ‘rockstar’ of One Direction, but the Frank Ocean comparison is a bit confusing.

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