Harry Styles Soars Into The Sky In “Sign Of The Times” Video

May 8, 2017 By Jessica

Harry Styles finds out he can fly.

If I Could Fly…

Harry Styles has captivated the world with his top 5 solo debut single Sign Of The Times. Delivering a 5 minute power ballad about the decidedly sour aspects of life we often have to grin and bear, surprised many listeners, with Harry’s venture into intimate, yet still oddly universal, territory, with deliberate emotional depth, a stark contrast to the exaggerated, offensive lothario image that often clogs up tabloid columns.

The music video is no exception to the themes of reinvention and realisation, with 23-year-old Styles gradually learning to fly and becoming more comfortable with his brilliant new superpower as the video progresses, zooming through vast mountainous locations and sweeping past elegant waterfalls. Styles even evokes religious imagery at one point, when he gleefully skips across the ocean.

Harry’s self-titled debut album is released on Friday.

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