Worth a watch.

Harry Styles. Remember him?

The pop star released a legitimately great solo album earlier this year, but there hasn’t been much chatter about it lately. Hopefully his upcoming Apple Music-exclusive documentary, Harry Styles: Behind the Album, will change that.

The project features 10 intimate performances from Styles, and he’s sharing one of them to entice us. Feast your eyes on Harry’s smooth acoustic rendition of “Two Ghosts,” a somber song about two lovers parting ways.

As the summer months begin to fade, “Two Ghosts” could find a comfy spot on radio that his lead single, “Sign Of The Times,” failed to. “Sign” was far too melancholy and lengthy, and in a time where the world appears to be in chaos, the last thing listeners want is for their musical escape to remind them of their reality.

Watch Harry play the guitar and sing his lungs out to “Two Ghosts” below:

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