Don’t put a label on Harry Styles.

Liam Payne isn’t sure how to define Harry Styles, and according to the “Watermelon Sugar” singer, that’s how he likes it.

In a new interview with The Guardian, Styles is asked whether he’s pandering to the LGBTQ community – with his fashion style and statements – or if he actually identifies as bisexual. He’d prefer not to get specific.

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Here’s a copy + paste quote from the interview that paints a clearer picture:

The Guardian: There’s a popular perception, I say, that you don’t define as straight. The lyrics to your songs, the clothes you choose to wear, even the sleeve of your new record – all of these things get picked apart for clues that you’re bisexual. Has anyone ever asked you though?

Harry Styles: “Um. I guess I haaaaave been asked? But, I dunno. Why?”

The Guardian: You mean, why ask the question?

Harry Styles: “Yeah, I think I do mean that. It’s not like I’m sitting on an answer, and protecting it, and holding it back. It’s not a case of: I’m not telling you cos I don’t want to tell you. It’s not: ooh this is mine and it’s not yours.”

The Guardian: What is it then?

Harry Styles: “It’s: who cares? Does that make sense? It’s just: who cares?”

The Guardian: I suppose my only question, then, is about the stuff that looks like clue dropping. Because if you don’t want people to care, why hint? Take the album sleeve for Fine Line. With its horizontal pink and blue stripes, a splash of magenta, the design seems to gesture at the trans and bisexual pride flags. Which is great – unless the person behind it happens to be a straight dude, sprinkling LGBTQ crumbs that lead nowhere. Does that make sense?

Harry Styles: “Am I sprinkling in nuggets of sexual ambiguity to try and be more interesting? No.” As for the rest, he says, “in terms of how I wanna dress, and what the album sleeve’s gonna be, I tend to make decisions in terms of collaborators I want to work with. I want things to look a certain way. Not because it makes me look gay, or it makes me look straight, or it makes me look bisexual, but because I think it looks cool. And more than that, I dunno, I just think sexuality’s something that’s fun. Honestly? I can’t say I’ve given it any more thought than that.”

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  1. Our community…it’s sad sometimes.
    This whole “gay until proven otherwise” message we keep spreading *****.
    Bieber…gay until they couldn’t say he was anymore (some still do). Shawn gay. Larry gay. Taylor swift takes out a song in support of gays…gets bashed…but wait…she’s gay or bi? Who knows? Pretty much every entertainer out there: gay or bisexual.
    For a society that’s supposed to be all about accepting differences, fluidity, sexual orientations, etc…we pretty much judge EVERYTHING and categorize EVERYONE. Glad he’s doing his own thing. F*** the haters.

      1. Agreed. He plays the line to not isolate an audience. Gut tells me he’s a straight boy who’s dabbled and doesn’t wanna get into the nuance. He’s def going for the Bowie vibe.

  2. Pffttt I hate his “who cares?” narrative. Of course people care, because sexuality is a huge part of our lives, and it defines us, but everything he does (or doesn’t do) is marked with ambiguity. That’s actually his “thing.” I don’t think that following him would be as interesting if he simply said “yeah I’m gay,” because that would clear the air and stop people from wondering and reading the signs or paying special attention, and right now artists are dying for attention in a over-saturated world. So I hate it when he plays it coy or naive or whatever because everything he puts out is full of intention and I don’t like being underestimated. I mean “Fine Line” hello…..

    1. Sexuality doesn’t define us unless we let it. Who you **** doesn’t dictate the kind of person you are, or the impact you leave (or don’t leave) on peoples lives. Sexuality is a part of us….. but not everyone defines their lives around who they bed.

  3. Okay I have a lot of feelings but first I just wanna say I think he’s not doing it to get a lot of press for the album. I think he’s not confirming because it’s gonna hurt his image – definitely. Even if we live in 2019, it’s still like not a good look. Trump obviously became POTUS and no matter how forward we are now – there’s still a lot of people who are not open to these things. I think it’s a combination of he honestly doesn’t care and truly believes it’s no one’s business AAANDDD his label and publicist stopping him. Regardless, he and his team are happy for sure. The album is getting even more press because of it.

    1. So if it’s a fear of ruining his image, or isolating his fans, the issue isn’t Harry needing to scream his truth from a rooftop. The issue needs to be fixing the environment in which we all live. Having a celebrity come out doesn’t make our day to day lives easier. We need to aim higher than entertainers

      1. Yeah I get what you’re saying and I am on board with that. However that is not the reality. Sad, but the real tea is they ARE afraid of alienating his fans. Whether we like it or not, entertainment really does work like that and how they are perceived by the gp is very important. I was just looking at it in a PR perspective. I wish it wasn’t that way but it is.

  4. You know, sometimes I question why at 33 years old, I don’t love labeling myself as ‘Gay’ when someone has the bold audacity to ask me. What I’ve realized is it’s not a shame of finding men attractive…. it’s an issue with the package that comes with being a member of the Gay community. I don’t say LGBT here, I say Gay, and I’m referring to men, because we’re the WORST. When I was growing up, Gay men were ruthlessly judged and harassed. But 20 years later I see we’ve become the judgmental, Shallow, harassing morons that we all hated.

    I’ll leave that soap box alone, but seriously, Where we get this audacity to think that celebrities owe us their deepest personal truths is beyond me. Who you’re sleeping with is nobody’s ******** business.

    I couldn’t agree with Harry Styles more on this topic. WHO ******* CARES? The music is great, that’s all I need. We scream and cry that we don’t want to be labeled, that gender is fluid and doesn’t matter, but we need to pressure young men like Styles or Shawn Mendes to confirm whether they like to dabble in ****?

    If this is what it means to be ‘Gay’, that’s a label I’m really disappointed in. WE have to be better. WE have to step up and stop supporting journalists who put pressure on like that. It’s ********

    1. I totally get your point and I agree, but I think the difference here is that Harry IS playing with the way his sexuality is perceived, and he’s giving clues all the time in whatever he does or says. And that makes sense because that’s the point of art, expressing yourself, but then he shouldn’t recoil or underestimate the subject when asked directly about it.
      And it’s nice that you mentioned Shawn because his case is very different: Shawn isn’t giving any (voluntary) hint whatsoever about his sexuality; it’s the people who are disrespectful towards him by insisting on wanting to know. Yet he isn’t feeding the monster like Harry does.

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