Is Harry Styles going solo?


Those hoping One Direction’s break would be a quiet affair may be sorely disappointed.

Following reports earlier this month that *******-Instagrammer Liam Payne may have solo plans in place, One Direction fans are rife with speculation that four newly registered songs indicate purported front-man Harry Styles is also planning his own solo ventures.

Registered with performance rights organization ASCAP, the four songs in question are listed solely under Harry Styles, rather than One Direction as has been the material he’s previously written for the band. Titled “Already Home,” “Coco,” “Endlessly” and “5378 Miles,” the tracks are gaining the kind of attention that would likely give his debut solo project the buzz it needs to hit the ground running.

The tracks are co-written by Snow Patrol guitarist John McDaid and songwriter Gary Go.

Harry Styles is said to have been being courted by superstar manager Irving Azoff and while many believed that he would take over the band’s management after the reported exit of One Direction’s original management firm, Modest!, he could now be handling Harry’s solo plans.

Naturally, One Direction fans are mixed between excitement at hearing new music from Styles, and terror that the increasing possibility of solo projects from the boys is an indication that their hiatus may not be as temporary as previously believed. There is also rife speculation that “Already Home” may be a response to the One Direction song “Home,” written by Louis Tomlinson and released on Spotify earlier this year. The two boys’ close relationship continues to draw media attention.

We’re all for solo Styles, as long as he comes Home (get it?) for a One Direction reunion in 2017.