Christmas comes early.

Hear that? That’s the screams of young women and gays gasping over Harry Styles’ new album artwork.

The former One Directioner frontman shared some new photos from his forthcoming album, Fine Line, out December 13, and they’re… tantalizing. He’s naked, folks. That makes the front page here on BreatheHeavy.

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Alright, we’re not THAT shallow (we are). Below is also the music video for Styles’ new song, “Adore You.” I’ll give you a moment to absorb all of this goodness (and Harry’s million dollar smile).

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about that man, his music, his style, his artistic direction. EVERYTHING!!! I ordered every single version of the vinyl and have no regrets. I just hope they’re better quality than Urban Outfitters’ Britney Mess

      1. yea I bought the green vinyls from the us store and regretted it immediately when I saw the uk store has a lot more stuff. SOOOO jealous ur seeing him in the summer

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