Hope you’re wearing your best clothes.

Harry Styles performs his pop rock ballad with ease.

Harry got a huge boost in confidence after his first performance of “Sign Of The Times” on Saturday Night Live. When he sang it on the Graham Norton show on Friday, the pop star meant business. He even showed off a little. At certain points in the performance, Harry threw in a couple of extended notes that didn’t make the studio version, and the it didn’t go unnoticed. The crowd immediately began to cheer.

Harry also sat down for a chat afterward. That includes mentioning a spot where fans erected a monument in L.A. where he threw up, if he had a sexual relationship with Barack Obama, if he keeps his skin in check with sheep placenta and whether he auditioned to be the new Han Solo. You know, relatable things all of us 20-somethings deal with. Check out both bits below.



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