British pop star Robbie Williams confirms.


British pop star Robbie Williams has unwillingly passed on the torch to Harry Styles.

Styles reportedly signed a $75-80 million recording contract with Columbia for three albums, and it’s off to as good a start a debut solo artist could ask for.

According to Robbie Williams, who recently released his eleventh studio album The Heavy Entertainment Show, he tried hitting up Bruno Mars and Max Martin to contribute to the record, but the hitmakers never followed up.

He tells the Belfast Telegraph: “Last year I tried to work with Bruno Mars – didn’t hear anything back. Tried to work with Max Martin – didn’t hear anything back. They literally didn’t return my calls.”

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Here’s where the self-reflection of being a 42-year-old pop star begins to set in.

“Then I met Harry Styles in an airport. ‘Oh, you’re writing, Harry? Great, who with?’ He goes: ‘Well, I just spent a week with Bruno Mars, and I’m about to spend a week with Max Martin.'”

That’s when he told Styles: “You’re the new me. Good luck!,” which probably terrified the former One Directioner.

“I think Harry Styles has beguiled the whole world just by being Harry Styles. He’s got a David Beckham-style quality. So he’s won in that regard.”

But he cautioned: “There’s a space for him but the music has to be great.”

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