Harry Styles’ New Album ‘Fine Line’ Is Predicted To Sell…

December 14, 2019 By Jordan Miller

Harry Styles is the newly crowned king of streaming.

Styles’ new album, Fine Line, is officially out, and it’s incredible.

If you’re one of the only pop fans who have yet to stream it, stop what you’re doing (after reading this report k thx) and give it a play. Start with “Adore You,” “Canyon Moon,” “Golden” and “Sunflower, Vol. 6.”

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According to early estimates from Hits Daily Double, Fine Line is on track to debut with 420-440k in sales plus streaming.

Thanks in part to a bundling tactic, of that sum, 320-340k are in pure album sales. In 2019, that’s outstanding. It’s one of the best-selling albums of 2019.

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