See Harry suited up as a soldier.


Harry Styles stars in Christopher Nolan’s 2017 movie Dunkirk, and a preview is now available to watch.



Get ready to see Harry Styles on the silver screen next year.

The first set pictures are surfacing from Christopher Nolan’s war epic, Dunkirk. The film will center around a famous World War II evacuation of British troops from a beachfront in France called, you guessed it, Dunkirk.

While the cast boasts a LOT of A-list actors, it’s obviously Styles commanding a lot of attention, as the role he landed is his first official foray into serious acting.

[Harry] was joined by an army of extras and a fleet of WWII battle ships which descended on Dunkirk beach this afternoon as Hollywood invaded Normandy for another day of action-packed filming. In full Allied regalia dozens of extras were seen marching up the beach – flanked by cardboard cut-outs to bolster their numbers – almost 76 years to the day since 338,000 British, French and Belgian troops were evacuated from the beaches during World War II.

Styles was spotted with legendary director Nolan on set for costume fittings:




A Deadline Hollywood article from March, when news of Harry’s role first surfaced, revealed the 22-year-old was specifically chosen by Nolan himself:

“Styles’ potential involvement comes after an extensive casting process conducted by Nolan, his co-producer and partner Emma Thomas and Warner Bros. He is believed to have impressed the filmmakers with his readings for the part.”

While a few 1D cameos and music videos have called for some acting in the past, it was all mostly comedic. Dunkirk is about the furthest thing from comedy and will test Style’s dramatic acting chops. However he does, to be handpicked by Christopher Nolan is a big deal.

The film is set to premiere in July 2017. Probably just in time for a new One Direction album.