Then brings the house down with an electrifying “Kiwi” performance.

Harry Styles has completed his week’s worth of appearances on James Corden’s Late Late Show.

Since Monday, the 23-year-old newly solo singer has guested as host, acted in comedic skits and performed songs from his brand new self-titled album.

On his final day, Styles hopped into James’s SUV for his second round of Carpool Karaoke. Highlights include Harry wearing nothing but a mesh tank top, Harry and James reciting famous film quotes and a cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya:

Styles capped off the show by delivering a spectacular performance of “Kiwi”, a fast paced rock jam from his new album, with lyrics like “I’m having your baby/It’s none of your business” – which currently has fans and media alike scratching their heads.

Check it out:

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