Get ready.

We finally know the name of Harry Styles first single!

After years of speculation and more than a year after One Direction’s hiatus began, Harry Styles solo career is just around the corner.

The 23-year-old just announced, via Instagram, that his debut single is titled “Sign Of The Times”. Check out the dreamy single cover:


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The cover maintains the air of mysteriousness Harry often operates with. Against a sunset backdrop, Harry appears partially submerged in shallow water striking a relaxed leaning back position. The water theme continues on from his UK television advert released earlier this week, which featured a soaking wet Styles leaving a dark room.

The title Sign Of The Times is a familiar one in pop music. Slightly older fans might remember a famous Prince song and album of the same name, released in 1987:

Will Harry’s single be just as topical and socially outspoken? Only one week left til we find out!

Sign Of The Times is released April 7th.