Plus, more new One Direction song titles surface.


Larries, start your engines…

It’s been three months since One Direction made their return to music as a foursome, with smash hit Drag Me Down topping the official charts in 13 countries and the iTunes charts in 90 countries.

Today, the internet is abuzz with news suggesting 1Ds second single might be surfacing soon, particularly since they shot the music video back in early September.

The track is called Perfect and two of the co-writers just so happen to be Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson:


Turns out a few 1D affliated outlets left some hints in advance:


It would appear the song was written along with rapper Lunchmoney Lewis, since he favorited this tweet not long after the song title became public:


And 1Ds resident songwriter, Julian Bunetta, tweeted this not long ago:


Obviously, the elephant in the room here is that, even today, rampant speculation persists that Harry and Louis are in a closeted relationship, and have been since their X Factor days. Public girlfriends and a pregnant, er, friend, have done nothing to dampen the talk, but they certainly wouldn’t be the first potentially closeted entertainers to pretend they’re straight, either. There was also this statement from Harry late last year…


Anyway, considering Harry and Louis stopped publicly interacting outside of work in 2012, confirmation that they wrote together for One Direction’s fifth album at least puts to bed rumors that the speculation ruined their friendship.

In other 1D news, Perfect wasn’t the only newly revealed song title to crop up from the now completed Made In The AM writing sessions:


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