Happy New Year! Britney Performs Her Last Show Of 2014

It’s Britney Spears’ last Piece Of Me show of 2014!

Britney is ringing in the new year to a full house with her last performance of the year on Wednesday! She’s performed over 60 shows this year, with a ton more scheduled for 2015.

Miley Cyrus and single-mate Iggy Azalea are there!

It’s cold in Vegas, so frozeney betta BRING THE HEAT!

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Thank you all for continuing to read BreatheHeavy.com. This year saw major change for the site, transitioning from solely Britney Spears to pop music news. It’s seen phenomenal change, and I look forward to continuing growing the site in 2015 (with the help of Team BreatheHeavy: Nick, James, Jessica, Douglas, Ross & Aaron).

Meanwhile, I’m seeing Jennifer Lopez (stay tuned for that)!

Happy New Year!