Merry Christmas and happy holidays, BreatheHeavy readers!

It’s been a year unlike any other, and Britney remained an inspiration to myself and millions more.

Thank you all for using this site as your go-to source for The X Factor. Over 2.3 million different people hit up BreatheHeavy this year, and it’s a success because of Britney and her relationship with fans.

I’d also like to thank the awesome team helping run the site day-to-day: Kbrackson, Niki, X_Sil_X, SitDown., Nathan, Kay., George, Made_in_France, Hollow., Crystal Method and X_London_X. Your support is greatly appreciated and I’m proud to collaborate with motivated fans.

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Happy Holidays and best wishes,

– Jordan Miller, Owner/Admin

UPDATE: Britney posted a message to fans on Facebook:

Merry Christmas beautiful people. Blessed to be spending the day with my favorites – hope y’all are doing the same. Love u all to pieces!

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